Pile O’ Bones

We have some boney friends now.

By John Holdun on September 13th, 2017

An article about Graveyard Swing

Last week I said that this week I’d be focused on the poster and the ticketing app. I worked on the app a little, did not touch the poster, and sort of finished the skeletons 😱

A pile of almost-finished skeleton sculptures

Floor space in my apartment is at a premium right now, so they are all piled up by the bed. You’re looking at three full skeletons and one that only exists from the waist up, because it will be peeking out of that urn tombstone. These folks are all mostly sculpted, their bones are all connected with flexible joints (two parallel zip ties glued to the rigid pieces), and they’re pretty sturdy. They’re also extremely lightweight! I don’t have numbers for you, but the fact that these are about 5' tall and made of cardboard, paper, and wheatpaste means that they are so much easier to handle than last year’s skeletons, which were closer to 6' tall and made of PVC pipe and heavy-gauge wire. These are also much funnier-looking to me—they’re thicker and stubbier, which makes them more visually appealing.

Still to do, as if you couldn’t tell from the photo:

  • Necks. I’m using last year’s skulls, but I need to rework their interior sculptures so I can mate them to these bodies.
  • Hands and feet. On schedule, in progress. Just tedious and numerous.
  • Hips. These will be purely for decoration and sort of rest on top of the T-shaped hip pieces that connect the torsos to the legs right now.
  • Shoulder blades. These will also be for decoration, and are just meant to conceal the T-shaped shoulder pieces, which look weird to me.
  • Animation! One of these is built from the pieces of our first animation test a few months ago, with the juggling skeleton; that one is ready to be plopped back on its armature. The others have simpler motions, and most of their rigging involves fixing those joints in place and tying bits and pieces to motors. On schedule! Coming soon!

I’m going to keep poking away at these details, but now I really have to finish the marketing and box office stuff. Tickets go on sale in two weeks. We’ll talk again before then. Bye!