The Third Avenue Chamber

Take a tour of New York’s most exclusive social club.

October 2018

The Third Avenue Chamber

During the construction of the new Third Avenue subway line in 1958, the MTA hit a wall—a brick wall, deep underground and right in the middle of their proposed route. None of the property owners in the area could claim this wall, nor its unmarked door or the space it enclosed. Without access to this parcel, plans for the tunnel were halted indefinitely. Tonight is the semi-annual open house for The Third Avenue Chamber!

A scale model of this walkthrough attraction was mostly constructed in Autumn 2018. While the characters remain unfinished and the project is on hold, The Third Avenue Chamber—much like its namesake—may pop up again at any time.

Post office façade
The East Village Post Office, where our journey begins.
Not every going-on in the Chamber is accessible to guests of tonight’s Open House.
The citizens of the nearby Granite Cemetery have been temporarily displaced and moved their wares here.
Are you eligible for permanent membership at The Third Avenue Chamber?