Post Haste!

Maria’s daughter has been waiting by the window all day for a very important delivery. When they miss the doorbell, Maria rushes into action!

I designed this attraction as a study of classic dark rides. It’s an adaptation of the basic premise of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland, preserving the scale and pace but replacing every other detail.

This project is unfinished—I got as far as an unpainted scale model in the winter of 2018. I hope to revisit it one day.

Post Haste!

I documented this project’s development on Drip, Kickstarter’s short-lived patron platform. If you’re very curious about the pre-concept thinking, you can watch or read the vlog series for this project over there. Otherwise, continue to the pitch:

“Missed Delivery” pitch

The initial pitch for codename “Missed Delivery.” A transcript is available.

Gag sketches

Like all the Disneyland dark rides, this one breaks down into about a dozen visual gags. These are the early thumbnail sketches of the gags in Post Haste. (They read top to bottom, then left to right.)

Gags 1–4
Maria rushes out of the house and speeds around the corner on a borrowed skateboard.
Gags 5–8
An unexpected squirrel leads her the wrong way up a slide, flying into the back of the delivery van.
Gags 9–12
She races home and her daughter speeds away!


To properly set the pacing, I created an animatic that sequences all the gags together into one contiguous space. This is not a simulation of the ride experience, but rather a more literal interpretation of the story that will serve as a detailed reference for the final ride.

The final concept video for Post Haste!

Scale Model

I printed out all the assets I created for the animatic at 1:12 scale and assembled them into a model, complete with a 360° camera mounted on a ride vehicle. From that video, I was able to “direct” a POV video that demonstrates how the ride might be experienced.

Next Steps

What comes after this? Voice actors, full-scale sculptures, a human-ready vehicle, and about 2000 square feet of space. A rideable ride.

This part of the project is…not currently scheduled.

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