Graveyard Swing

Unlock the forgotten gates of the New York Granite Cemetery—again!

Graveyard Swing was open October 26–29, 2017 at Access Theater in New York, New York. I rebooted my project from the previous year of the same name, re-imaged from the original concept and rebuilt from scratch, based on all the things I learned the last time.

Special thanks to Zander Barnard for flying in to help me install this show!

Graveyard Swing

The New York Granite Cemetery has been closed to the public for generations. When no one’s paying attention to your eternal rest, you might feel like getting out once in a while!

Party with original animatronic characters carousing in a surreal, immersive graveyard, forgotten to time and reappearing in a theater in New York City for just four days.

Lots of unfinished papier mache laid out on a drop cloth in a small apartment
This show took over my studio apartment.
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