Graveyard Swing: The Last Gig is a Long One

Travel through time to uncover the mysterious history of the New York Granite Cemetery.

Guests experienced Graveyard Swing from October 27-31, 2016 at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City, New York. After decades dreaming of building theme park attractions, I couldn’t beleive it when I finally pulled it off for the first time.

I learned so much building this show—in fact, I tried again with this exact same concept the following year. But this production will always be special to me. The last gig is a long one.

Very special thanks to Zander Barnard for painting the backdrops, helping to install the sets, and being there whenever I needed help. This would not have happened without him.

Graveyard Swing: The Last Gig is a Long One

What happens when the cemetery closes? Join your ghostly hosts for a walkthrough of the liveliest graveyard in New York, featuring spooky music, humerus-chilling original animated figures, and the most whimsical party beyond the grave. Great for kids!

Painting by Zander Barnard
Sketch by John Holdun
Painting by Zander Barnard
Painting by Zander Barnard, sculpture by John Holdun
Painting by Zander Barnard
Sketch by John Holdun
Sculpture by John Holdun
Painting and sculpture by Zander Barnard
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