Gourd Times

Let’s pick a pumpkin!

Trick-or-treaters were able to visit Gourd Times in my front yard in Los Angeles for Halloween 2023. In addition to my now-usual style of graphic flats, this installation also featured an original 15-minute soundtrack and synchronized lighting effects.

Gourd Times
A leggy ghost cooking up hot dogs and hamburgers on a classic red grill
A dimly-lit photo of a duck, suspended from a carousel-like apparatus with some other ducks
Pumpkins in the foreground, pumpkins in the background
A wider shot of the ghost with the grill as well as lots of pumpkins. Behind a bush is a faun-like creature considering which of two pumpkins is less suspicious.
A long shot of the yard from the side nearest some ducks. Everything is bathed in purple light and there's a puff of fog.
A scarecrow reaching for the camera!
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