Bobby’s Birthday

Plan a last-minute party for Bobby before they get home tonight. But be sneaky—it’s a surprise!

I presented Bobby from April 18–21, 2019 at Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. It’s like a children’s illustrated storybook brought to life, presented as five 2’×2’×1’ animated dioramas, each accompanied by a page of the story.

As guests moved from one scene to the next, they would read the story of Percy’s shenanigans or listen along to a pre-recorded narration, available on the web or by calling a phone number.

Bobby’s Birthday

One morning after Bobby (a cat) leaves to study with their friends at the library, their roommate Percy (a dog) remembers that it’s Bobby’s birthday! Follow Percy as he runs around town, preparing the best last-minute party he possibly can.

I traced and cut every piece of this show out of 1/4" plywood by hand, with a cheap coping saw. It was a learning experience, and now I own more power tools.

The unfinished pieces of this show, laid out in painted plywood on a messy work table
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